Tom Page / Tee-Pee

Reigning from the small New South Wales town of Shoalhaven Heads on the states South Coast, TEE-PEE is the backyard project of Tom Page.

After developing a love for the Australian surf brand Mambo at the innocent age of 8 years old, Tom's art style was morphed by the matured styles of artists such as Reg Mombassa. Inspired by the formation of the brand through controversial art and the underground Australian music and surf culture, Tom has aspired to one day produce and maintain his own brand based upon the backbone of him as a person (that's metaphorically speaking, you brainless chook), ART.

The chance to hang out with other like-minded characters such as Lee McConnell, Kentaro Yoshida and Ben Brown from Mambo, as well as Mulga the Artist, have all been pivotal influences in the establishment of the mediocre brand, known as TEE-PEE.

TEE-PEE sets to bring about a few new products each season, for all of you to own, wear and destroy.